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    I print photographs on high quality photo papers as well as canvases. For art prints I use true artist papers with varying grammage and surface structures that are pure natural products, manufactured in Germany or France in an elaborate process from cellulose fibres and/or linters, which are then coated in a separate refinement process. For each print product offered in this shop I choose paper also according to content and style of the picture. For most art prints you can choose between “standard” or "archival” paper. For photographs options “glossy”, “semi-glossy“,"matte" and “canvas” exist. Note that canvas normally isn't used for small sizes, therefore I do not offer this option in such cases.

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    Even if such factors as aesthetics and classic spirit are left aside, graphical illustrations have practical advantages for science. With a painting or a drawing, such organisms, events and phenomena can be presented that have not yet been photographed or are even impossible to photograph. While a photograph always captures a moment of time and shows a concrete individual, more general traits that are common to many or all individuals can be better shown with a painted or drawn image. Graphical illustrations allow standardized, uniform presentation of subjects throughout the entire book even if they are extinct species or extant but whose live photographs in adequate quality do not exist. Also a uniformly high quality of illustrations can be easier achieved with paintings and drawings than with photographs obtained from various sources whose quality may significantly vary.

    Arthur draws or paints all images freehand. None is based on a single specimen or just a single photograph. Several sources always serve as reference — photographs, preserved specimens, species descriptions.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 35 items